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As a realtor, I am sure that you are going to have listings expire on you for several reasons. As you know, the seller tends to get upset and they always think it’s your fault, even though we both know it’s not. So, you have these expired coming up, why not have another option for them? So, in other words there’s no home, no seller you can speak with that you don’t have an option for. The issue is simple. You will refer to us prior to expiring.

You’ll speak with the owner, and you say, look, the market hasn’t responded. You and I don’t make up the numbers. Your house is worth what the market will bear, and the market is not bearing it right now. You could educate them that 80% of the market can’t go get a loan right now and let them know I have an investor partner of mine that can and will look at buying your home. Now, I can buy on lease purchase, subject to, owner financing etc. But the bottom line is just to introduce them to us. It’s very simple.

Our Core Values


We put our client's interest first. Our goal is to provide a seamless and positive experience.


We are accountable, responsible, and fair in our approach and decision-making process. We go the extra mile so that everyone involved wins.


We address our client's challenges with eagerness and thoroughness. We aim to build long lasting relationships by linking the right people, resources, and opportunities.


We are open-minded to learning something new and value the opinions of everyone involved in the project.

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